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          NationalChip Inside: Double 11 Products Inventory -- NationalChip Teamed Up with Tmall Genie to Work on AI Vehicles!

          Release time:2020-11-10

          With the application of Tmall Genie in the home scene, everyone is already familiar with the company of Tmall Genie. Have you ever wondered whether you can take the Tmall Genie out of your house and use smart speakers while driving?


          NationalChip and Tmall Genie jointly launched an in-vehicle AI voice solution, turning this vision into reality. The solution is connected to the Tmall Genie GMA protocol, and the built-in intelligent voice AI chip GX8008, through the end-side voice noise reduction, wakes up the “Tmall Genie”, and connects to the Tmall Genie APP through Bluetooth to achieve online connection. People enjoy the voice AI and voice in the car and access to massive content in the cloud.