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          NationalChip Inside: 360 Dash Cam New Products Launched, AI+4G, Smart Travel

          Release time:2020-11-09

          Nationalchip continues to exert its strength in the vehicle AI scene. Recently, another product equipped with the NationalChip AI voice chip was released. The new 360 vehicle G600P 4G driving recorder, which has AI voice interaction and 4G network connection functions, is called the perfect “smart co-pilot” for driving.


          The G600P 4G driving recorder has 2K high-definition low-light video recording, supports 3 resolutions, and can clearly record driving details. This driving recorder is also equipped with ADAS advanced driving assistance system, which can recognize the driving environment, such as the start of the vehicle in front and traffic signs in time to remind users. In addition, innovative functions such as time-lapse video recording and traffic light recognition are also supported.


          In order to better guarantee driving safety, the G600P 4G driving recorder adds AI voice interaction capability. Users only need to say “I want to take a picture”, “I want to record”, “Turn on/off the screen”, and other instruction words. Without a wake-up word, the device will immediately execute the corresponding function accurately and efficiently. Calling “Xiaobei Xiaobei”, people can connect to the cloud for voice interaction, including weather query, restricted travel information, knowledge encyclopedia, idiom solitaire, etc.


          This driving recorder is also equipped with the national core GX8008 AI voice chip which has the NationalChip neural network processor gxNPU built in, and is designed based on the principle of deep learning, tailoring for the AI of the IoT. For processing the voice signal, GX8008 also integrates a digital signal processor DSP, plus a 4-way microphone array, which can more efficiently perform sound pickup and front-end voice processing, and has a good performance for noise reduction and echo cancellation in the car environment.